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The importance of clothes transcends cultures, time and geographies. No matter whether we are talking about the present or Victorian times: what we wear on our bodies has meaning. Our clothes indicate who we are as individuals as well as a society. Indeed, some anthropologists refer to clothes as “the social skin.”

31934873_218962692027099_6763172399853600768_n [Fashion] IGEDE TO THE WORLD

Traditional clothes are a wardrobe essential for every man and woman. You may love wearing western clothes but it is essential to stay connected with your culture. The way you dress up is important, especially while attending social gatherings and family functions. You must be thinking that why to dress up in those traditional clothes just to impress other people. It is not important to wear traditional clothes just to show others that you value your cultural norms. It is more about expressing your love for your family’s traditional values. Your loved ones will feel really good when they will see you dressed up in a traditional attire on festivals and family functions. Apart from this, traditional clothes have a unique aesthetic appeal and you can look fashionable in these clothes for sure.

31934873_218962692027099_6763172399853600768_n [Fashion] IGEDE TO THE WORLD

It is on this note that the sons and daughters of the Igede Speaking people of Benue state are working tirelessly to present their cultural attire to the world as well. This great research is now accomplished as Mrs Udago Odeh Esther has finally modernizes the traditional Ogodogodo of the IGEDE into fabrics. According to here on her social media handle, she wrote ”Am grateful to God, for making my dreams of 7 years a reality, to modernize ,ogodogodo and the two other attires into fabric , in my state, Benue, remember our attires introduce us more than our language,, my company, Godswill Royal garment heritage has printed the Igede, Idom and TIV’s native attires into fabrics .For maximum use of this beautiful clothes we have in our state, call these number , 080 34628244, for patronage” she further explain; You can use it to make any styles , use what you have, value your cultural attires, is your pride, your dignity, honour and respect, see my number, 08034628244, God protect my state, Benue, from evil, put an end to Bloodshed’s, give us peace oh God, ijn31934873_218962692027099_6763172399853600768_n [Fashion] IGEDE TO THE WORLDIn case, you are busy and do not have time to go down Benue, then you can contact her directly through the phone lines in her post and you can easily order your requirement online as well and stay assured that your order will reach you before that important function, when you have to wear some nice traditional clothes. . The store offers an exclusive range of traditional clothes and you have quite a lot of options to select from. Contact and pick your new traditional IGEDE, IDOMA,TIV attire today for all those important occasions. IGEDE KA KILAHI

Contact Mrs Esther;

Phone; 080 34628244, for patronage

31934873_218962692027099_6763172399853600768_n [Fashion] IGEDE TO THE WORLD Esther Odeh

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31934873_218962692027099_6763172399853600768_n [Fashion] IGEDE TO THE WORLD
31934873_218962692027099_6763172399853600768_n [Fashion] IGEDE TO THE WORLD

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