(ThrowBack) IS P.O.POPSY A ONE-HIT WONDER?|Neeksnation

14908332_1673705129625673_2242740027004201304_n (ThrowBack) IS P.O.POPSY A ONE-HIT WONDER?|NeeksnationWhile some artistes have been able to churn out hits after hits, others have courted fame with just one or two hits and faded to oblivion. This can be said to be the story of the Benue-Igede born Promise Popsy aka P.O. POPSY (the Opesse crooner).

 In the Nigerian music industry, some artistes have been on point with their tracks like they were born to reign, while some others only reigned for a brief period, unable to produce another hit track. We categorize them as ‘One Hit Wonders’ – not that they have only one song in their career, but because they have failed to come out with another hit that will go viral.

14908332_1673705129625673_2242740027004201304_n (ThrowBack) IS P.O.POPSY A ONE-HIT WONDER?|Neeksnation

if you hadn’t listened to Opesse and Ahiamola by P.O.POPSY chances are that you were living under a rock. But the question now is ”Where Is Our P.O POPSY”? or probably ”Bring Back Our P.O. POPSY”  The singer in his several posts ( social media) has claimed ”Going Global”, ”New Hits” etc, but this is really taking much time since he has not explained the reason behind his absence from the industry to his fans. Should we say he deliberately took a break in a bid to repackage his brand and be able to offer much more to his fans or what has became of our P.O.POPSY?14908332_1673705129625673_2242740027004201304_n (ThrowBack) IS P.O.POPSY A ONE-HIT WONDER?|Neeksnation14908332_1673705129625673_2242740027004201304_n (ThrowBack) IS P.O.POPSY A ONE-HIT WONDER?|Neeksnation

Yes! He released other songs after Opesse and Ahiamola, but they just couldn’t compete in the stiff limelight with other music productions.

Opesse and Ahiamola; when Popsy released these songs some years ago, virtually everybody slept on them, and they where the biggest songs in Benue and some other states in Nigeria enjoying massive airplay during that period. Anyways he has released other songs but they haven’t been as catchy as Opesse and Ahiamola which where everybody’s favourite songs as at that time. The IBN GANG member came and dealt us all a blow with these hit songs but disappeared into thin air still now  just when we thought he was about to start running the entertainment industry.

14908332_1673705129625673_2242740027004201304_n (ThrowBack) IS P.O.POPSY A ONE-HIT WONDER?|Neeksnation

He was tipped to show the light. He was touted as the next big thing. He was thought to contend with the Nigeria music industry at large and to hold it down for the IGEDE people of Benue state Nigeria when he releases Opesse and Ahiamola blazing singles that came rising hopes but He’s yet to……Many people are tempted to ask……. Is he around? Does he still sing? Yes!!! He is very much around somewhere in Abuja (Nigeria).

Fans hopes gradually crashing since not even a word has been heard. His ability was never in doubt. He was the acclaimed IGEDE‘s ambassador to the Lagos-Nigeria music industry. Should we say Chinua Achebe’s book, Things Fall Apart best captures Popsy grace to grass fall today? NO!!!….. Our expectations are still very high and can still be met by this dude. We are asking that he relaunches himself back into the industry, burst our brain with a super duper tune, and let our enemies be scatter.

The last time anything was heard of him was when i (Ogah Neeks) contacted him for a show, and his inability to turn up for IGEDE SONS AND DAUGHTERS AWARDS 2017 (ISADA) in September 2017. It was reported that he was financially broke to turn up for that event, but this information is not actually from a reliable source. We are pleading that he Re affirm his stands in the music industry because nobody do it badda than him in Igede.14908332_1673705129625673_2242740027004201304_n (ThrowBack) IS P.O.POPSY A ONE-HIT WONDER?|Neeksnation

He had a lot of influence in todays IGEDE music scence with his song OPESSE” making him the ”CROWNED KING OF IGEDE AFRO MUSIC” the young once look up to him. He is a role model to them in the IGEDE BABY MUSIC INDUSTRY.

We believe The Game Is Not Over Yet and that he is probably collaborating
with other big naija artists that will finally catapots him to stardom. let’s wait and see.

Dowload P.O.POPSY-Opesse
Download P.O.POPSY- Ahiamola

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14908332_1673705129625673_2242740027004201304_n (ThrowBack) IS P.O.POPSY A ONE-HIT WONDER?|Neeksnation
14908332_1673705129625673_2242740027004201304_n (ThrowBack) IS P.O.POPSY A ONE-HIT WONDER?|Neeksnation

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