(Ent.) Where is DrLaff?

54381487_1165371603649535_168317607961690112_n (Ent.) Where is DrLaff?

Where is Drlaff? This question has been nagging at my tormented mind for sometime. All through the Christmas and Igede Agba season last year, I watched out for his name on all the promos for shows but did not really see him featured as MC or otherwise. Valentine has come and gone, Sallah has come and gone no Drlaff. What is going on, has the creative  juicy jokes dried up?

Last I heard of this great comedian was at Igede Sons And daughters Awards 2017, an event put together by himself. What has resulted to this low-key lifestyle? Has he gotten a more lucrative job that he has forsaken (Jokes) entertainment after his passing out from the mandatory one year NYSC program? Where is Drlaff?

As we all know, his powerful event I.S.A.D.A 2017 showed the depth of his talent. He has redefined comedy in Igede and has opened the doors for so many upcoming comedians in Benue.

So what is the problem? Where are the jokes, where is I.S.A.D.A which was birthed by you? where are the shows? Or the bigmanism lifestyle after NYSC has blocked and deleted all the jokes and your stage vocal chords? I just read that he is now based in Ibadan. What is he doing in Ibadan when the action is here in Igede and Benue.

He has left the leadership position open and surprisingly, nobody has been able to cover it. Mc Hunta, MC Otor, MC Lekpa where una Dey?

I like the guy die, his talent is undeniably mercurial and his packaging is really classic. He defines stardom and epitomises what is good about Igede and Benue at Large.

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So Drlaff, if the jokes have finished, or dried up, come make I write some nice jokes for you wey go guarantee you Grammy nominations. You have been too quiet for too long. Abeg, Ibadan release our man o…I.S.A.D.A is waiting for him…..Here comes another IGEDE AGBA fa!!!!!!

God Bless Neeksnation

God Bless Igede

God Bless Benue


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