Top 10 Hottest Igede Artists In 2019 (So Far)

2019 has been an interesting year so far, the year started very slow with not so massive tunes until towards the middle of year when we had massive spree of banger after banger from our favorite and fast rising Igede artistes.

A bit disappointed though, as we have not seen any Agba-soil artiste springing up and dictating the sound in the Naija industry. Don Jay, a well-known hit maker and OLOSHO crooner has been holding it down for us over there in the wider industry but he’s not where we want him to be yet. Few months to the end of the year, we are still expecting surprises from our Igede artists.

On the local industry, (Igede) many new guys surprisingly entering into the music scene with impressive songs and one of them is on our number 10.

Let’s dive right into this dirty job, yes dirty job because many of our readers will either like or dislike our compilation, which is very understanding as everyone has their own opinion of who is hot and who isn’t. This is exclusively #NEEKSNATION…… Let’s Goooooo There!!!!!!……..

10. Frank Tizzy

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The first part of this year, this young Agba boy was on fire, with the release of his hit track “Gbe Body Eh“. The song has ended him the recognition to this list today. He’s been everywhere on the media with huge likes on every single post after that hit song. Weldon boy!!! and congratulations for being here.

9. Emako Stikgz

64435109_137964690637819_8341545217249247232_n Top 10 Hottest Igede Artists In 2019 (So Far)

Emako Stikgz is unarguably a household name and you can’t mention the best Igede rappers without mentioning his name. He has proven to be a force to reckon with in the industry. The song Ada’ Oju landed him on the spotlight in 2019 . He has dropped several hit songs so far and we are expecting more.

8. ShadeMan

64435109_137964690637819_8341545217249247232_n Top 10 Hottest Igede Artists In 2019 (So Far)

Shede Vibes as he calls himself, is easily one of the most hard working Igede music act. Shademan constantly puts himself out there, extending his fan base more and more in Nigerian and beyond. We pray this constant effort starts paying off for him soon. The Afro-pop act signed to #IgedeBoysNation might not be topping the charts in Benue but he is sure making waves in other states and certainly will start laughing to the banks soon

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He dropped his 2019 EP – “CHANGE OF STORY’ – with Notable songs like ”FOR MY LOVE”- DOWNLOAD MP3, ”CYTHIA”- DOWNLOAD MP3, ”CHANGE MY STORY” – DOWNLOAD MP3, ”ARICHA” –DOWNLOAD MP3 etc

7. Befelow

64435109_137964690637819_8341545217249247232_n Top 10 Hottest Igede Artists In 2019 (So Far)

Befelow aka Mr Uk is a popular Igede-born Nigerian producer and recording artiste. Widely known for his awesome promotion when it comes to Igede culture through entertainment. He has worked with several acts in and out of the state. “Made In Igede“ is his latest album released couple of months ago and its still making wave. When it comes to versatility, Mr Uk gat it and his sounds are very distinct. His style is unique and almost no one sounds like him in Igede at the moment and this has kept him soaring higher. . The singer has dropped several chart topping songs this year, like; Ogirinye, Obe etc.

6. Kelvin Omache

64435109_137964690637819_8341545217249247232_n Top 10 Hottest Igede Artists In 2019 (So Far)

The IBN boss is currently enjoying success, shutting down shows allover Benue and Abuja. without going into much details, he deserves the number 6 position. He just dropped his EP ”GODLi” and has earned himself rave of the moment. lets see if he can sustain this title

Check out the EP here and drill yourself with dope hit songs from the 8 master piece tracks

5. Danny Gold

64435109_137964690637819_8341545217249247232_n Top 10 Hottest Igede Artists In 2019 (So Far)

Danny Gold is one of the most sort-after artiste in 2019 for his hit song OMO OLOGO and shows across Benue and Lasgidi are after his presence erryday. though when it comes to releasing songs, Danny Gold has been very conservative. Only two songs he has dropped this year, Omo Ologo which video shot is currently in progress and Oshenu. Though we are still expecting more hit songs from this dude, Until then, we’re still rocking his songs and collaborations.

4. Robin Cino

64435109_137964690637819_8341545217249247232_n Top 10 Hottest Igede Artists In 2019 (So Far)

Robin Cino is a confirmed hit maker who started up really slow from the beginning of this year but has now demonstrated more than just competency in his music carrier. This dude just made us proud with his latest jam taged ”Bachelor’. and has earned our respect from here. Robin Cino is here to dominate the industry by serving the best of street jams to his fans. All arrangements are fully in place for him to work with Teni in his next single…this he took to his social media handle after posting a nice shot he had with the singer Teni off stage. Check out ”Bachelor” here

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3. Prof Jeezy

64435109_137964690637819_8341545217249247232_n Top 10 Hottest Igede Artists In 2019 (So Far)

The countdown starts to hit up from here; Prof Jeezy as we all know has been on full rotation since January 2019, dropping hit after hit. The young star has being repping in all weather both within and outside Igede. So far this year he dished out,”I Belive”, ”JeJe Laye”, ”Asante sana”, among other hot collaborations and productions. You can’t have a party without hearing at least a song from Prof Jeezy (guaranteed)

Prof Jeezy Jeje Laye

2. Kingztin 3llion

64435109_137964690637819_8341545217249247232_n Top 10 Hottest Igede Artists In 2019 (So Far)

Not too many people knows him but he is arguably the best rapper on Agba soil at the moment. This dude without missing words, has all its takes to take Igede to the rap sphere. Each time you see Meddy Olotu, Phyno, Olamide and co doing and repping their hood, you get scared! and wondered who can hold it down for us?, who can deliver Igede? Well, his name is Kingston Obaike.

Check out this his studio free style more of his songs coming soon on #Neeksnation. Download ”RAP MODE”

Kingston Rap Mode

1. Don Jay

64435109_137964690637819_8341545217249247232_n Top 10 Hottest Igede Artists In 2019 (So Far)

Don Jay needs no introduction nor justification for being on our No. 1. He has been nothing but a hard worker since the beginning of the year.  Don Jay went national since 2016 and still counting. He has featured top Naija A-list acts like Seriki and has shared same stage with virtually all of them receiving more hype and accolades on several stages even more than the so call some A.list artistes. He has topped charts, radio, blogs. etc . He recently shot the video to his latest single Emi Ni Kan Loye that worth more than a million naira. Don jay is the most hard working Igede artist at the moment.

Check these songs by Don Jay Gba Dollar, Emi Ni Kan Loye

Don Jay Emi Ni Kan Loye
Don Jay Gba Dollar

If anyone deserve to be on our number 1, it’s certainly Don Jay !

So there you have it…..Please tell us what you feel about this Top 10 Hottest Igede Artists In 2019 (So Far)

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36 Replies to “Top 10 Hottest Igede Artists In 2019 (So Far)

  1. First of all I like to applaud you for the countdown.. I know it’s not easy considering the fact that we (Igede) have got loads of incoming and upcoming celebrities🔥🔥
    But I only want to speak on the no3 spot.
    Soul soul ft. Prof Jeezy.- I’m going In
    Tee Brown ft. Prof Jeezy.- Eje gbileje
    Omega ft. Prof Jeezy.- hear am
    Venom ft. Prof Jeezy.- show me (dropping soon)
    Prof Jeezy.- blow my mind cover still trending
    Danny Gold ft. Prof Jeezy.- Right time (dropping soon)
    Prof Jeezy ft. Mcdow.- Tango (dropping soon)

    All this records in one mutherfvcking year🔥

    I think it’s about time I begin to blow my trumpet📢📢
    Show me anyone who’s close then I’d agree with your list… Else, Prof Jeezy should be topping this. Do your research @Neeksñation NG

  2. Nick you doing a great job here, bachelor by Robin Cino is currently trending in lag, though I never knew his agba niga until I see it here, more height to you guys

  3. Hmmmmm … Holla Proffy I think there is another way round Neeksñation NG look into this time around,,,,but trust me that you #prof_JEEZY have the highest featuring from igede this year …. Never the less,, street go hear am before the end of this year…😈😈😈😈

  4. We are the Definition of igede when Its comes to music, a very big shout out to Neeksñation NG for his work towards the igede entertainment we all appreciate you boss.

  5. wow!….. really awesome!!!.♨️♨️♨️….but unfortunately,….some of these songs you where featured, we’ve not had about dem….
    And also….the ones yet to be released cannot be included in this count down but never d less, they will be highly noted in our final count down for the year 2019.

    Weldon Bros …. You too much 👌👌👌

  6. I love this count down by Nëëksñàtïôñ but why no lady dey na?

    What about Makizza or Queen Jay?
    It’s not fair…😘😘😘 But it’s all good Nëëksñàtïôñ.

  7. Wow!….this site is doing us proud here.

    What about the Gospel guys like us?
    I think it’s will be nice if we can recognize their efforts too. Thank you

  8. Am so proud of my people of Igede nation and my big gratitude go to Neeksnation and also directly to Proff JEEZY Who always stand for Igede artist in Lagos, God bless our nation

  9. Well, no answer from you yet but I think you can do better, come on! This looks like friends list not a Countdown, let’s encourage ourselves. Honestly I am disappointed at this.

  10. I really, really appreciate you for this. But I think this countdown is not outdated based on the latest tracks. Therefore, it needs to be reshuffle. Finally, the fact that no lady is on the list, to be realistic with you is not fair enough.

  11. if you make the list, your hard work make it possible, you dont make the list, work harder, Igede to the world #IGEDEMUSICINDUSTRY

  12. Big ups to you @Neeksnation, am so impressed with your hard works, we are growing upwards and i urge everyone to support the movement with his/ her own diverse ways and concept towards the synergy of Igede Ent…
    #All hands on Deck

  13. Am impress, same time disappointed… This goes viral we all know so things like this should be critically looked into be been published.
    MrUk Befelow shouldn’t make this list.. Artist who have take their time to deliver good music like ten_virginz, Bobbystrings Edor, are even missed out… Well I still kudos your effort.. God bless u

  14. Bombshell 🙆🙆🙆.
    We reason your view…..but Mr Uk aka Befelow have been consistent since January. Don’t forget he has an Album trending right now too. Talking about #MADE_IN_IGEDE

  15. Wow I’m proud of this work by this is good job Cuz must of this artist are really trending on social media,let forget the fact that we have must artist on our hometown this talk about making IGEDE NATION to the world, keep working
    You really look into the songs that is making us proud nation wide to do this countdown
    One love my people
    Am coming with one of my song ft @don_jaymuzik & @limerick from YBNL we are fishing for big deal,
    Let make the song loud 📢

  16. Very big thanks for you Neeksnation
    I really appreciate everyone that Is here
    God bless all
    Together we win 🏆🏆
    We are one blood

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