ISADA 2019 -5 biggest snubs

IMG-20190921-WA0004 ISADA 2019 -5 biggest snubs

It’s #ISADA season 2019! The organizers released their biannual contentious nominee list on Friday and reactions have been pouring in. For those who question whether the award ceremony still carries any of its historic significance, the proof is in the nominees list for this year. In my opinion, this year’s list was one of the better put-together lists in the 2 seasons of the award show. We sincerely hope that the organizers this time around, give us good sound and lighting to avoid…….Oooooooh!!!!!!! DJ……….oooooh!!!!!!!!…..DJ……..situations in between performances by various performing artists.

Well, the NOMINEES list is officially out and Some categories however left questions to be asked, with some artists taking to social media to air their grievances. In this post today sunday 22nd. september,…….by the way…...HAPPY SUNDAY IGEDE!…., we reflect on five of the biggest names that failed to bang any nomination or you can say 5 ISADA SNUBS……na your English!

Alright!!!!!!…….lets Gooooo………Organizers of the ISADA Award; the ALI-GEDE foremost award that is saddled with the responsibility of celebrating hard work and talents, have finally announced the long-awaited nominees for the 2019 edition of the award and boys are not smiling. There aren’t so many prominent awards in IGEDE and it is a thing of joy that ISADA is here to keep to their promise of recognizing actual and ‘very-obvious’ talents in the land. However, we failed to understand why these 5 sons where not recognized in this edition. Wetin happen????

Here are five of the biggest Isada 2019 snubs

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Tucold Adoga

IMG-20190921-WA0004 ISADA 2019 -5 biggest snubs

Olen Nyam!!!!….. brother well – well wetin dey happen? No you… No Igede industry walahi…. why you come dey use your name do practicals na? Tucold.. and now you don cold true true. Why you allow Zeek9ine dey take your place now? This year alone, Zeek has released over 4 hit songs with the latest one damaging every ear as we speak.

Important Point:- Just imagine, the Almighty Tucold with no nomination, nothing-nothing, not even as a fast rising artist of the year……Jesus!!!……

IMG-20190921-WA0004 ISADA 2019 -5 biggest snubs
IMG-20190921-WA0004 ISADA 2019 -5 biggest snubs

This is pathetic.

Is This A Punishment Or He Didn’t Do Enough To earn nomination this year?


IMG-20190921-WA0004 ISADA 2019 -5 biggest snubs

The self acclaimed Agba Master was not even in the 1st. edition nominees list, better Tucold that made that list but won nothing that night. Befelow must be wondering what’s going wrong with his songs.

Truth is even if Befelow was nominated against some heavyweights who had a better year than him, him no go win. His last album was good but when compared to Shedmans Change of story and kelvin Omache ‘s Godli, he doesn’t rank any way higher than them.

Befelow has to sit down and properly analyze his style of music. The Prof. Jeezy we have right now wasn’t the Prof. we have in 2015, 16, and 17. He has taken time to develop himself, evolved and became a big brand.

We’ve gotten tired of Befelow’s sorrowful Ego Nyi Igede part 1 and 2 music, it’s time he drops some spicy.

Waitoooo!….abi he turned down his nomination?…….Ahap!……make una ask him


IMG-20190921-WA0004 ISADA 2019 -5 biggest snubs

Nothing to write about this guy. Does he still make music.

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Sincerely, the IBN crew have been really silent over the past few years now. There’s nothing spectacular about the brand, only Kelvin Omache is upholding the craft and P.o. Popsy have brought nothing to the label since he is a one hit wonder.

It has been a bad season for the crew. IBN BOSS particularly has to go back to the drawing board and find out how to recruit better guys and forget about this lazy popsy. He has turned himself into a fashionista

He had been missing in the game and new artistes like Robin Cino, Frank Tizzy are taking over already.

Danny Gold

IMG-20190921-WA0004 ISADA 2019 -5 biggest snubs

My Nigga well-well…… perhaps your best wasn’t best enough……. You are a go getter…. i know you too well. Dust yourself up, do yourself, do your thing. Nobody is better than you bro.

Mc Harmless

IMG-20190921-WA0004 ISADA 2019 -5 biggest snubs

Walahi!…. i feel like shouting OJORO!!!!!!!…. right now. How will you tell me that this most hilarious Igede Mc/comedian no dey MC category? Haba! Una dey joke walahi.

Anyways i don tire to dey talk here…….Brother no vex better days ahead


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22 Replies to “ISADA 2019 -5 biggest snubs

  1. Fuck Isada…. If all us no get any nomination or award gon …. We are still the best in Igede anyway… Fuck Isada ones again….. Senior bado Tucold no cme get any Nomination even. Fuck all over una

  2. The reason some of you may never get nominated by your fan is because of your unguided words. For you to earn a respect from people, you must command it and not ask for it.

  3. Neek, I no blame you as a bloger o. We all do this most times to get people’s attention and draw traffic. However, as a writer, it is expected that you don’t sound bias with your writings. Tucold na your man, you hailed him. Same goes to Danny Gold whom you have had a chance of working with. But for others? Talking trash at their ill fate isn’t encouraging enough.

    You rightly mentioned that this season nominations were quite democratic and some of us were nominated by fans That we do not know about. So the organizers of this Award has been fair enough, Infact very transparent enough to accommodate whoever is worthy. So whoever has not appeared on the list isn’t ill fated but their fans prefered another to them.

    Remember, we were an Oligede before we became blogers, Mc, music producer and what have you. Let the brotherly love continue even while we do businesses of gain.


    I am huntA.
    07032688494 – whatsapp only.

  4. MC HuntA why you dey take this post serious like that?

    This point Neeks highlighted are nothing but raw truths.

    When last did Popsy drops any jam? Or please tell me what’s so special about BF Made In Igede album?

    I salutes this guy’s courage here.

    Now the sleeping dogs go wake up.
    Neeks ride on…..

  5. This article might be for fun, but it isn’t funny at all.
    To be honest, I’m quite dissapointed.

    Does the writer have any personal issues with those artistes?

    If no, then this is a wrong way to criticize your fellow brothers. We’re supposed to be a family irrespective of our huzzle.
    I believe the aim of this award is to further strengthen and unite us not to cause division and fuel hatred amongst ourselves.

  6. Well, I read the article and I think it’s professional. You wouldn’t see less from tooxclusive, jaguda or wherever The headline says ISADA BIGGEST SNUBS and the writer went ahead to state the reasons they were snubbed (some basic facts) and challenge dem to get back at work. He never said they weren’t good but most of dem slept off n they missed. It’s a wake up call in my opinion. At a point, Inferno used to put a comment under my posts like: Hey! Jeezy, are u now a model or what? I transformed it into a positive energy and zoom👍🏻

    No matter how small your fanbase might look, it’s better to keep dem updated should in case you are not delivering, your fans should know why or at least how u are doing.

  7. I think you were too hard on some artistes… But it’s all a wake up call anyway. I’d like us to see this beyond criticism to a wake up call to make us be the best in our craft.

  8. Not too bad
    But as a growing industry let’s take it easy.

    Why we must take it easy.

    We don’t know the person among us that ll first make it to the bigger industry.
    Please let’s grow together.

    No music is bad.

    Na money no dey to package them.

    With money anybody can blow

  9. I am maniacally bewildered by the flow of some funny comments trailing the 2019 ISADA nomination. I am not supporting any factions whatsoever, but in the media, it is our onus to raise eyebrows in the midst of chaotic developments like this. It is worth pointing out that the organisers of this lofty initiative mean no harm in their article dated 22nd September. I read through and I discovered a sense of professionalism of a considerable degree. THE 5 BIGGEST SNUBS, I admired how the Author took time to bring our way the reasons behind each of the snubbed big names in the Igede entertainment industry. This to me is to reawaken the actors, strengthen our paths and sanitise the industry. This has nothing to do with personal hatred on any one here. I call for calm as I want to summarily postulate that the ommission doesn’t connot failure. Igede is blessed with numerous talents and the world knows. Love you all. LET LOVE LEAD

  10. this is one of the best articles Befelow has nothing to offer as far as people like prof jezzy is concerns, as for tucode I don’t no what is really happen to him, popsy own na only fine boy ee do now prof zezzy you an success Dee should make us proud. ok

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