The past two days of ISADA 2019 online voting has witnessed an explosion in the use of several terms in the media circles. We want to clearly stated that NEEKSNATION as an entity with its figure head @Ogah Neeks has not and will not in any way involve herself in the exchange of private material benefits to support any Nominee (s).

We were ones co-Admin to the official website of the great ‘’JOS ENTERTAINMENT AWARDS ‘’ because of our undiluted integrity, competency and professionalism in the entertainment industry . No form of financial, material or promissory inducement or reward can truncate our standard. We have worked with bigger entertainment brands down to even the academic field.

Very importantly, none of our admins or agents has the ability to influence any vote casted in the election as alleged by some nominees clouded with inferiority complex. This is because the data base for this election is hosted by ‘’ POLL MAKERS.COM’’ and only God knows where their fiscal office is in the world. We were only given the link to the results. There are thousands of sites where one can create an online poll, but the difference is in their Terms of service. So we urge people to deceit from widespread of baseless informations

We wish ISADA 2019 producers can turn their inferiority complex to superiority complex because that’s how STARS Do.
Officially, our jtown based and Igede-Jos born prolific producer @Ogah Neeks, is stepping down from the ‘’MUSIC PRODUCER OF THE YEAR’’ category just to prove our commitment to sincerity, equity and fairness.

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Our sincere apology goes to the #ANATARE team here in Jos… i.e #TEAMJOSTIFIED that almost crashed the site with heavy comments yesterday and this morning. We love you all plus our little Igede fan base

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